Dental Implant Problems

Dental implant problems are now becoming more and more common frequent! This is definitely not due to greater dangers but rather due to the fact that dental implant treatment is becoming more commonly performed internationally and therefore you get to hear of more cases of implants failing or problems.

As a matter of fact, dental implants have become widely accepted and almost every dentist works with them and the success rates have increased significantly.

But there are still cases where the procedure went wrong, or things didn’t work out as you or your dentist had expected and the result is some kind of dental implant problem.


I believe that’s why you’re reading this website! In this website we’ve brought together many cases of dental implant problems – so you might find other people with the same problem that you have! Here you can also ask a question or describe your problem and one of the many dental specialists who visit this website might be able to answer your question.

Finally I would like to emphasize again – although in this website we deal with dental implant problems – dental implants are a very good solution with a high rate of success (98% success rate.)

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Not really sure about the stages? – Learn about the dental implant procedure.

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